Zonezar is a Long Beach California based psychedelic/fusion jazz progressive rock band.

Founded in 2009 by John Flocken AKA Contribution X & Jerome Ivey AKA Bluesy.

Zonezar was created to explore all music styles outside the box of traditional composition and to push the bounds of sonic architecture creating celestial landscapes, ethereal aquatic structures, digital Dreamscapes & vast analog canopy’s of lush imagination, with the use of Improve, technique & dynamic, over forty years experience and relentless perseverance along with dedication to the art and craft of music. Are music is born out of pain, happiness and the journeys we all undertake as soon as we are formed in the womb and exit into a world of dark and light possibilities able to choose and grow... Love, Hate, Anger, sadness, Betrayal, Loss, Insanity & finally triumph...

 Music is life, it is the soundtrack to our everyday existence on planet earth & beyond. -To cultivate it naturally and organically in a mystic fashion from out of this flesh & blood is a blessing of the highest order. ZONEZAR would like to personally thank all God’s, human’s & alien beings that have helped us along the way, nothing would have been possible without you and your presence guiding us to the light of positive eternal freedom.